FTP connection time outs

So during uploading i periodically receive this error, which is causing some files to fail during upload.

Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
Status: Disconnected from server
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Initializing TLS…
Status: Verifying certificate…
Status: TLS connection established.

I have checked other parts of the support forum with similar errors, thus checked the active vs passive in filezilla control settings. Attempted to forward ports and created settings in the router and attempted disabling firewalls to allow filezilla operations.

Any ideas what to try next would be greatly appreciated.


Does this actually cause file transfers to fail? After the upload has already been started, it should not be interrupted because of inactivity.

However, if you first do a big upload, then wait for the upload to complete and then want to upload again, it’s better to disconnect and reconnect first (FileZilla has a button for both). If you do try to start an upload without reconnecting, FileZilla may not notice it’s connection is gone.

While attempting to manually upload Concrete5 I had 144 failed files, after 5 hours of transferring of 7400+ files.

I’m not sure if the speed is a result of a failure to communicate with the host, or whether there is bandwidth limitations on uploading.

Either way I disconnected, reconnected and finished the Que with 6 more failures. 1 More attempt completed the upload.

Its not a major issue as it will still upload, just takes a little patience and a few more attempts for additional files.

Honestly, it would be nice if we can upload the zip, and the server to extract it.
Because the FTP Mechanism has to send each file individually. so it’s very slow.