Never use heliohost

Heliohost is a terrible service to host your website, their servers are terribly slow & their staff members are extremely rude. take a look at this reply on trustpilot…


So okay, may I know the reason for posting it here?

everyone here knows that HH sucks


just letting everyone know, im trying to get this out there as much as i can.

Let’s don’t fight with other’s opinions, probably HH was good in someone’s opinion and IF was awful in their opinion. Opposite to me and lot’s of people here :grinning:
Edit: Bruh the review answer, I mean, everyone has a different opinion about things, even if their hosting isn’t bad, its Admin is.

Maybe IF Admin is… sometimes frustrating but He’s not like them. (Glad he’s not, only a loser would piss people off if they don’t like his/her service)


Well. Why had you created two accounts?

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…and even the signup page is broken…

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Most importantly you will never get a production server.

Uh oh Admin is replying

I didn’t. I hosted a website with them and their service was OK. But that was 7+ years ago, so things may have changed.

I do remember someone in this forum who started spamming “infinityfree sucks, heliohost is the best” all over the place.

Free services tend to be a bit less… consistent in terms of quality. I would be stupid if I didn’t recognize that some people here have a great service, and others call us scammers for suspending their accounts on day one for “no reason” (which is typically a false positive or a daily limit suspension).

Why’s that “uh oh”?


So you do reply to Informal topics?

I am sorry I was abt to edit it but my internet went down

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Probably he noticed that at once. Lol.


Sometimes. It’s mostly just the 200+ reply meme topics I nope out of.

The thought is… attractive at times. But arguing in reviews is generally a waste of time because the opinions are already set in stone. Ignoring them usually works best.


I just noticed it while ago:

I mean, opinion is opinion. I cannot change it which is ok but the way he’s being arrogant is awful.


i didn’t

The review…

can you make vps hosting too?

Infinityfree is for free hosting only, there’re lots of VPS hosts for cheap cost per month.


I’m going to Heliohost, to take a test drive just for fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Oh my goodness

Based on your selections I recommend you start on the Johnny server, but it is currently full. You will need to wait 11 hours and 58 minutes for signups to reopen.

Now can anyone tell me that WTF is this.

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WTF = What’s the any_thing_you_want_to_place_starting_F

What about Fudge? It is a candy :wink: