Never use heliohost

Yes you can :sweat_smile:


Get some from @anon77371365, He’s very good at making fudges :pensive:



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Heliohost seems like a good host for me, they offer more than infinityfree, but with the way they responded, I don’t think staffing would be nice (just don’t get on their wrong side). Either way, I wanna try it out but it blocked :frowning:. Oh well, for now infinityfree is fine for me (although I’m starting to get to the point where it’s not going to be enough, I mean I have to use file storage since mysql is way too low limit wise, but it’s free so there’s going to be a lot of people hosting meaning there’s going to be a lot of server power needed understandable).

in my case a better hosting service is InfinityFree. but i have confused in HelioHost to login or hosting . (i know may be it’s by my mistake)

@anon77371365 send me also :yum:

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Be quiet…

You are too innocent

Remember what I told you on Discord?

First wash your dirty brain then come to InfinityFree forums. :slight_smile:

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LOL Yes :laughing:

The heliohost signup page is broken…


well the only thing is that they have a full cpanel

What part of the signup page is broken? Show me.

That would be me. Still is. :v:

Thank you for choosing HelioHost, Have a great week. :slight_smile:

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You violated our terms of service, and then lied about it. I don’t see how that makes me rude. Normal people say something like “Oops, sorry. I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to have more than 1 account!”

Part of the reason Johnny can be slow is because we have such high demand for our service. On the server that you were on the whole point is to cram as many people as possible onto it so they can experiment and get their sites ready. The reason we ban people who create more than 1 account, like you, is because it’s not fair for the hundreds of people who want to create an account each day that are turned away because all of our servers are full. Once you’re done experimenting on Johnny and your site is ready for more than just you to visit it we recommend moving to Tommy for the speed and uptime.


I think I’m going to go steal a car, and then give the cops a 1 star review when they arrest me. Brb.


Wow, HelioHost owner(or staff) is here.


Give me some holy water to wash…

No Dino water allowed

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Yes i also think so :innocent:

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