Never use heliohost

There’s nothing to do with what ever you’ve got. Keep your opinion for yourself. It’s ok if you think InfinityFree sucks, But with making people to don’t use this hosting (with creating spam topics here) you’re only showing that you are either arrogant or a crying baby.

I’d rather do not argue with people that they’ve got an opinion like that. Normal people are judging products with using it at first. Not based on reviews users have. Arguing on reviews is just a waste of time.

I personally have not used HH. (me registering to your site is violation of USA trade law, I’m not going to break your rules) I don’t know whatever it is great or not. I’m not going to judge based on what people say, I only spread off-topic memes here.

I hope you understand but you shouldn’t waste your time on arguing with people’s opinions, Your hosting will still run even if they don’t like it.

Keep it up :slight_smile:


I haven’t received the verification email

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This is a friendly place, for civilized discussion, I imagine if there’s an issue with your service, you would do it on your forum.

Btw you made a really bad impression for me, our admin would never do that on another forum. (i assume)


Hi Krydos! Nice to see you here!

I find it really hard to figure out what to say here. On one hand, I see where you’re coming from. On the other hand, I don’t want to throw someone who just praised my service under the bus.

The slowness and suspension are hard to judge. But I will say that expectation management is important.

And remember that you can’t win them all. Sometimes some people will have a bad experience. That could be due to an error on your end, an error on their end or just bad luck. It happens. Sometimes people will be understanding and cooperative and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes people come in, but you talk to them, explain your side of the story and offer solutions, and they calm down. Sometimes, they don’t. And in that case, you need to recognize that some leads are a lost cause and move on.

Because I’m quite certain that this topic wouldn’t have existed if you didn’t try to argue in the review and accused the reviewer of lying.


Thank You!

check your spam folder

can someone please delete this topic, it was very childish of me to make it.

Don’t feel pressured or anything to close this.

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So I joined the conversation very late.

@allroundernaman No problem

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Better you didn’t. You’re taking whatever you join into a literal fight.


Oof, I never joined well.


the fight is over with between me and heliohost. but i have now learned the infinityfree & heliohost are huge rivals. smh…


I guess all hosts are? lol.


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