Nothing but problems. Is this what FREE means?

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I’ve been suspended for ep overuse after the FIRST FRICKING DAY !!!

And now I can’t login anymore. Changed password but nothing works to login.

WTF ???

Can anyone pls help me out here ?

Yes, just don’t give up, if you put lots of stuff on someone’s back for first time of course their back will break.


I read about the ep overuse and what it is and why …issue NOW is I can no longer login. PAssword and everything is correct but they will not let me login.

You might need to change password through clientarea->your website->edit account, not through forget password feature.


I’m new to this host, so exactly how do I get there ? Client area ?


Ok, thanks mate. I changed it there, but now it says that my pw may not be the same as my client area pw ? So now how do I make them equal again? This is really complicated, even just for a pw reset. My god.

and I still can’t login…

Still the same :


Yes, due to security, your password must don’t be same with the password you’ve picked while registering.

Ok, that’s fine for me, but I still cannot login. Nothing changed…

It says clearly that my cpanel, ftp AND database pw will be changed to the one i enter via edit account…

But when I then check in the account page, ALL THREE are still set to the original pw I had when registering…something isn’t right, because my pw is NOT being changed AT ALL.

So PLEASE, someone link me to a page where it is explained what I need to do to get my domain off of this stupid and time-wasting host.

Can’t login, can’t even ask for help without creating multiple other users??? Unbelievable.

I need a link please, how to migrate away from here. THANK YOU.

Stop hijacking topics!

If you want to continue Mod’s have to ban your account

It is MY topic dude. I had to create another user to continue asking help because after 5 replies they just block you for 24hrs. I need HELP dude, is that too much to ask maybe ? If they do not want frustrated users, then they need to stop BLOCKING them every 3 feet. :wink:

Hmm, IF Mods are not stupid to mute someone without reason…

The system automatically does that due to prevent spammers.
I have nothing to explain now except Admin comes.