Ciao Ragazzi Scrivo in Italiano, Ho un informazione da chiedere per il mio blog che veramente sulla vostra piattaforma già mi ci sto trovando bene è consentito di usare Feed Automatici RSS per importare sul Mio sitoweb?

Non sono altro che articoli post che condivido dai varie Software house in quanto ho la collaborazione è possibile?

Un’altra cosa l’aggiornamento del pannello di controllo è in tempo reale su utilizzo di inodes e Hits?


Hi Guys I write in Italian, I have an information to ask for my blog that really on your platform I am already finding myself well is it allowed to use Automatic RSS Feeds to import to My website?

I am nothing more than post articles that I share from the various Software houses as I have the collaboration is it possible?

Another thing the control panel update is in real time on using inodes and Hits?


Please type in English, or use an online translator.

Not really sure what you mean. An RSS feed allows your site to push updates to subscribed users.

What software? Collaborate with whom?

No, they update once a day.


Allora io intendo di caricare i Feed dei Social Media sul mio Blog.

Collaboro con Nintendo, Microsoft XBOX, Sony e tante altre software house in quanto scrivo recensioni sui loro giochi e molto altro per il pubblico Italiano.


So I intend to upload Social Media Feeds to my Blog. I collaborate with Nintendo, Microsoft XBOX, Sony and many other software houses as I write reviews on their games and much more for the Italian public.

Once again, please type in English or use an online translator. Future posts in Italian may be deleted or flagged.

I am still not sure what your problem is. You are allowed to post reviews an such on your blog hosted with us.



Here’s a preview of my good view website

Other then the fact that the website takes a long time to load, and the language switcher does not work, the website seems to be working fine for me.

Is there anything else I can help you with?


Now the translator works well tell me which method at least to speed it up but anyway I saw that I used very little space !!!

Really great Hosting

When I first came there “fireworks of 503”
That advanced-google-translate plugin creates quite a large number of REQs
(imgs for each country, etc.).

Reduce the number of unnecessary WP plugins
and use Cloudflare


Okay Thanks <3 Community

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Here’s more for you to read :slight_smile:


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