I don't have a "mail accounts" button in the mail section of cpanel

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Pas myen de créer des boites mail

Hi and welcome to the forum! This is an English speaking forum, so please write in English.
I’ll attempt to translate what you wrote:

I don’t have a “mail accounts” button in the mail section of cpanel.
No way to create mailboxes

Email accounts are not offered on free hosting. They were offered a long time ago, however it has been a long while since they were sunset:

If you used to have it, then I’m sorry to inform you it no longer exists. If you didn’t have it and are just looking for email options, we have some community guides available with services you can use:

There is also Zoho mail if you have a custom domain and you may be able to find more by looking up “email” on the forum search, but these are the main ones.


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