How to get a free domain

This tutorial will tell you how to get a completely free domain that you can use at InfinityFree.


Step 1. Creating an account

First, head to and sign up for an account.

Then, you’ll see a page like this:

Keep in mind that when filling out your information, you have to click “Private” as there is a possibility the data you provided could be shown in WHOIS
After that, you’ll be given a handle that will end with “-FREE”. Copy the entire handle as it is very important! Losing it can result in you not being able to log in.
The email from might or might not arrive in your inbox so do check your spam inbox.

Step 2. Getting a domain

This is the hard(er) part.

Click “New Domain” and fill out the form (again)


At the very top of the page, you’ll find this little textbox. Put the name of the domain name you want and then write “” right after it.


Now at the very bottom of the page, you’ll find this. Fill out the form like I’ve done and also select “server names” in the top part of the section. After that’s done, click “Submit”.

Step 3. Waiting for domain approval

Due to how the original creators designed, you cannot get a free domain instantly. It can take up to a month. So during that wait time, check your email and email spam inboxes.

And when the email does arrive, this is what you’ll find:

Now it’s time to celebrate. If you had originally set the nameservers to InfinityFree’s nameservers, no need to go back to their dashboard for now. Go to InfinityFree’s dashboard and add a custom domain with the name of your domain.
Congratulations! You are the owner of your very own domain that is guaranteed to remain yours until the end of time.


Pros and Cons

  • Completely free of any charges
  • Ownership is forever
  • Usable with any host of any kind
  • Very outdated dashboard & website
  • Very slow domain approval time (up to a month)
  • No support

Basic troubleshooting

When I tried to change the nameservers, it threw an error and didn't apply the changes!

Make sure to change the “checking of correctness” to simply “server names”.

I lost my handle!
  • Method 1.
    Look in your inbox. In the verification email, your handle will be included.
  • Method 2.
    Go to this page and enter your already-approved domain name (with at the end) THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOUR DOMAIN WASN’T ALREADY APPROVED!
I forgot my password!

Go to this page and enter your handle. This will send an email to the address that’s attached to the handle.

The domain approval is taking more than a month!

Try making the same request for the same domain name. If it says “request already exists” then the approval is still going on. Have patience.

How do I use Cloudflare with this?

A Full Guide To Cloudflare


It’s been 2 months and still not coming

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Have you tried this?


For the record, I have a domain request that I have submitting in July of last year that I have not heard back from about yet.


One of my domains got accepted in <2 weeks, but the other has been submitted for months.


Same, so just keep waiting…


When i click on sign up i get the eror " Server Error (500)" anyone can help me with this sort of problem?

E500 it’s a server error - it means a problem on their side

you can’t do anything but wait for them to fix the problem


Requests might or might not get approved. Try again with a different domain.

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I have a question if we can’t use other subdomains other than infinityfree have , how we can integrate it with>? because @admin said we can’t have any third party subdomains :slight_smile:

This subdomain get some special treatments so you can add it like a regular domain.

The same goes for a lot of .com.xx / .net.xx / … domains, these are technically still subdomains but we just thought that these are regular domains.


Those subdomains are not technically subdomains as they appear on the public suffix list. Any domain on the public suffix list can be used with free hosting.

(Also, I noticed you asked the same question on the TH forums, this reply applies there as well)


i have waited a year and until now i didnt get the domain

took 3 months for my main domain, still waiting on another


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If I use fake address, will it approval?