Addon Domain Issue

Hi there, I’ve got a domain from and I pointed it to Cloudflare. And now, I want to add it to infinityfree and I got Your custom domain contains too many dots! Please note that deeply nested subdomains are not supported. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

What is the domain?

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Multi-level subdomains are not supported here


I think this is a ccTLD by, I’ll create a new domain with and retry. Thankyou. is supported. But, on the other hand, is not, as the message suggests, deeply nested subdomains (subdomains with more than 2 dots) is not supported.


So I need to create a new domain, right? :melting_face: :broken_heart:

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Why not start from a free subdomain instead? Also, if you’re willing to invest some money into paid custom domains, you’ll also get your own domain faster.


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