How to fix max_user_connections problem

So i there a way we can increase the number of user connections because i have tried to check for the solution but it seems the only solution is increasing the number of connections

You can’t increase max_user_connections on free hosting because this is our way to prevent hackers from abusing the service by limiting the user connections to a way that cannot be modified. If you’re using a cracked software or a software that required the max_user_connections on php.ini to be changed, please uninstall it immediately and install an alternative to it.

The “max_user_connections” limit it set to prevent a single account from creating a ton of connections to the database and overloading the server, causing problems for everyone else.

Increasing the maximum number of connections would be the easy solution. But unless you host your own database server, you can’t change that limit. Note that this is a MySQL restrictions, not a PHP restriction.

Instead, there are some other things you could try:

  • If you have multiple websites on the same account, try moving them to separate accounts.
  • If you’ve written the code yourself, make sure that you’re only creating one database connection for every request. I’ve seen scripts which create a new database connection for every database query, and never close connections, which makes it easy to have a lot of connections open at the same time.
  • Especially if you have slow running code, it might be a good idea to manually close connections and reopen connections after your queries. This should also help reduce the number of active connections.
  • If you’re using off the shelf software, you may want to looking into caching more things, which might help reduce database load as well.

If none of the things above help (or are simply impossible), then you might just need a bigger hosting plan which allows for more database connections.

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