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How to connect to cloudflare as pastly we can see a option in cpanel now i want to connect my website to cloudflare as it ask my domain to change nameservers but it was connected to this hosting website can any one help me!.
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Please don’t ping users/admins, we will help you when we can :slightly_smiling_face:.
To connect to Cloudflare, you can follow the following guide:

There is no problem if you change your nameservers to Cloudflare, you just need to setup an A record on there and your website will still work. The guide I linked above takes you through the steps of DNS configuration.


after setup everything can i still apply free ssl certificate in Login to your account - InfinityFree as nameservers are changing so is there anything issue or still can get those certificate

I don’t think there will be an issue requesting it/installing it.

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I have tried but my web site isn’t working so again i had to change my nameservers A records added and waited for 72hrs and doesn’t worked properly.

Forking fine for me

I see:

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I didn’t get that but I have changed my Nameservers as it wasn’t showing my website. so I had to change but I have followed everything in the guide

can you test website

I see this



Yes after changing Nameservers to cloudflare it is showing this and added records too in dns dashbaord as instructed in the guide and waited long time but it wasn’t connected to hosting

Did you completely follow the Full Guide to Cloudflare that was linked above?


Yes I have followed every step
added records to my IP too

OK, so far so good.

What’s your SSL mode between Cloudflare and your account? Are you using Flexible SSL or are you using Full SSL with a self-signed certificate? Or something else?

If you are getting into a redirect loop, it’s usually one of these configuration errors:

  • You have Page Rules that redirect everything to HTTPS. Remove these.
  • You have .htaccess rules that redirect everything to HTTPS. Remove these.

as direct in guide it is set to Flexible SSL and cross checked every step in guide multiple times

Please make sure to also see this guide for making it work correctly with WordPress, because WordPress doesn’t work well with Flexible SSL.

Instead of using Flexible SSL, you can also use Cloudflare’s full SSL, which is a bit more involved to setup on the hosting side, but has better security and is typically easier to setup in most sites.


I’m not using wordpress and also I have another doubt shoud I have to add my subdomains in dns page with my ip or not necessary

As my subdomains aren’t working fully should I have to add A record for my subdomains

Yes, you should add.
If you have the subdomain “project”, you would need to create an A record for the subdomain with the content (which is the IP address).


Name as project or whole subdomain

Just added

but still error