Hosting only a custom subdomain with InfinityFree


This guide will explain how you can host a subdomain of a domain name you own with InfinityFree without hosting the main domain too. Here is the example I will use in the guide.

Note: I will be using terms that you may not recognize. Please read the first section of this article on domain names if you get confused.

You own the domain and want to add the subdomain to InfinityFree. However, you do not want to be hosted with InfinityFree. Here is how we can accomplish this!

  1. (Optional) Send out a notice to your users saying that your website may be down for a few hours starting at X time.

  2. Change the nameservers of your second level domain ( to InfinityFree’s nameservers. And add the domain to your InfinityFree account.

  3. Open the control panel, and select the “Subdomains” section. Enter your subdomain name (blog), then select your domain name ( from the drop down.

  4. Open the file manager or access your website via FTP and confirm that there is a folder with the name of your subdomain ( If there is not, attempt to create it yourself, and if that doesn’t work please open a new topic in the Hosting Support category.

  5. Change the nameservers of your second level domain ( back to what they were before.

  6. Locate your DNS zone provider (This is the company you pointed your nameservers to, it is not InfinityFree).

  7. Add a new A record on your DNS zone provider with the following information:

CONTENT: The name of the sub-domain (blog).
VALUE: The IP address of your account. This can be found in the client area.

  1. Wait for DNS propagation. This process can take up to 72 hours.

  2. Once your new subdomain starts working, congratulations! Now sit back, relax, and like this post :slight_smile:

Have additional questions? Reply below or open a new topic in Hosting Support.


I would just add the NS record for the subdomains with my DNS manager. Then add the domain to my hosting account. It works with Hostinger, GoDaddy, Namesilo, and even Cloudflare.

Nameservers can only be set at the second level domain level. NS records can be set at most levels. NS records are not the same as nameservers, there are slight differences.


work for me though :wink:

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Nameservers or Namservers?

You know what I mean

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Make that i can only host a subdomain

You can see how to do that on the tutorial. Since the domain you shared in another post is an one, which I assume you have control over, changing the nameservers to ours temporarily, adding the main domain and the subdomain and then changing the nameservers back to what they were shouldn’t be a big deal.

Also, please don’t spam in multiple topics about this.


Thanks for the suggestion.