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I’m following this guide to set up the custom subdomain. I’ve done all these things, but I set an A record instead of a CNAME (because a CNAME can’t point an IP address). Now i’m waiting for DNS propagation. So it’s okay then?

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Yes, this sounds correct!


I failed, I had the nameservers on Cloudflare, and in doing so, something went wrong with the apex domain destination and the SSL certificate. So I removed the domains from the control panel and closed the account (deactivated). I see, however, that there remains a problem with the SSL certificate (Login to your account - InfinityFree): the status remains on Issued, can you delete? And one more thing: now I have the original nameservers of my domain and they should be propagated, how is it possible that I always see

I am not sure if you can delete it, but ignoring it does the same job.

You deactivated your account and changed your nameservers, but propagation can take up to 48hrs. Try clearing your DNS cache if it doesn’t work.


Ok, one last question: so when I check the DNS through the online tools (even with the one offered by InfinityFree in the customer area) and I see that the nameservers are up-to-date, doesn’t that mean that they are in fact?

Read this


Yes, the nameservers are correct. But just because your domain is configured correctly doesn’t mean that it works for everyone, because of DNS cache.

DNS cache is a store of old DNS information. Generally there is a cache that’s maintained by your ISP or network administrator, and sometimes there is another one stored on your computer. Because of this cache, it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be visible everywhere. But since this cache is stored on the level of individual networks or even individual devices, no online tool can tell you if a particular device is using the up to date information.


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