FTP Error: Disk Quota Exceeded

If you have an account with many files or large files, you may hit the error Disk Quota Exceeded.

This error is typically caused by either two issues:

  • You have reached the disk space limit of your account (5GB).
  • You have reached the inode limit of your account (30,000).

You can see your disk space usage and inode usage in the sidebar in the control panel. Please note that the counters in the control panel are not live and are only refreshed once per day.

What does the inode limit mean

In Linux file systems (and other Unix-like systems like MacOS), every file and directory is an inode. Having too many inodes on a system means that reading and writing files will slow down, which will make websites slower as well. That is why we have set a limit of 30,000 files and directories for free hosting accounts.

To decrease your inode usage, you will need to delete files and directories from your account. You should check your account for scripts you don’t use anymore, temporary files which can be deleted and other content which aren’t strictly necessary to run your website.

Note that the inode counter isn’t updated right away, so the counter may not go down immediately after deleting content from your account. However, the counter should be updated within a few hours.

If there is no content on your account which can be deleted and you need additional inode space, you should upgrade your account. With a premium hosting account, you’ll get far higher inode limits.