Epizy.com unreachable in some places around the world

Since roughly 13:00 UTC today, we have recorded errors in the DNS resolution for epizy.com.

Subdomains of epizy.com are unreachable

With epizy.com itself being unreachable, all free subdomains of epizy.com are unreachable as well. There is sadly no workaround for this.

If you do need your website to be reachable urgently, you can of course create an additional subdomain for your hosting using another domain name. You can do so through the Subdomains section in your control panel.

Effects on custom domains

While custom domains (like example.com) are not part of epizy.com, custom domain name owners may still experience difficulty in one of the following ways.

Nameservers no longer respond

If you use ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com as your nameservers, your custom domain will not be reachable.

To fix this, you can change the nameservers at your domain registrar from ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com to ns1.byet.org and ns2.byet.org. These addresses point to the same nameservers and will respond with the right DNS settings.

MX records is unreachable

If your domain name is using our mail service, it’s probably configured to use mx.epizy.com as the MX record. Since this record is currently unreachable, you can use mx.byetcluster.com instead.

Main domain is unreachable

If you’re using third party nameservers like Cloudflare, you may have configured those nameservers to point to the main domain name of your hosting account. Since the main domain usually includes epizy.com, this may affect the status of your domain name as well.

To fix this, you can remove the CNAME records with your main domain, and replace them with A records pointing to your website IP address. To figure out your website IP address, you can use this tool. Simply replace the domain name in the top left box with your account’s main domain (yes, the broken one) and click Dig. The IP address just below there, which looks like 185.27.134.XXX, is the IP address of your hosting account.

What caused this issue?

The issue appears to be caused by an error at the root nameservers for the .com domain extension. These nameservers should normally return the configured nameservers for .com domains, but don’t appear to do so for the epizy.com domain name.

When will this issue be resolved?

We’re currently trying to get in touch with our domain registrar NameSilo to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately, they have been unable to resolve the problem so far.

UPDATE: The DNS issue with the epizy.com domain has been fixed by NameSilo around 4:00 UTC this morning. The domain name should be accessible again from everywhere, and all the issue described above should have been fixed.

That said, due to DNS propagation, it can still take a day for everything to be accessible again everywhere.


I don’t have this error myself but my friend has it :confused:

hope it fixes soon

Edit: I’ve this problem with VPN

Hi!! I need help. My domain name is http://stellae.epizy.com/ and as you said is getting problems but my control panel doesn’t work too :confused: . I have a free account, how can I change nameservers? Will the control panel work again??

What Admin said:

You don’t have a custom domain, so the above won’t help.

You need to wait until NameSilo fixes the root nameservers for .com domains registered on that registrar.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the info

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hallo admin
can you explain step by step how to change domain registrar from ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com to ns1.byet.org and ns2.byet.org ?

Hope epizy can respawn

site:byet.org - Google Suche ← Click me

Due to this issue and http://ns1.epizy.com is down, will http://ns1.byet.org/ be temporary or permanent?

Congrats now can access again epizy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

The issue is fixed now.

If you already changed the nameservers to byet.org, you can leave them as they are now. It doesn’t really matter which one you use.

If you don’t trust the epizy.com domain name anymore, I fully understand. The epizy.com domain has been very stable for years, and I’m not sure if something like this could happen again.

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GOD damn it …that why my site are make me headache and i keep remove plugin … fix this this those … after use 9.99% of my brain capacity and still face the same problem … i took one step back and find out read alert post …best screwed up day ever

Hi do you have any idea why my site keep redirect to Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help what does it mean

Yes, I do have an idea. Would you please submit a new topic so I can help you with that (hint: this issue is not related to DNS).

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it’s fixed!


For the past two weeks, when accessing my website I have been getting a related links page (see attached picture). Is this related to the epizy.com issue?

Not here, it isn’t

It is occasional. Some users have reported it in the past 2 weeks and it happened to me today as well, for the first time.