Unable to open my site - CloudFlare Error 1016

My website URL is: domain[dot]com

What I’m seeing is: Error 1016 Origin DNS error

I’m using this software: I’m using cloudflare SSL

Additional information: The site worked for several days until 1h ago. These are my DNS settings:

In Registrar:
ALIAS domain[dot]com efroeymn.epizy[dot]com
CNAME *.domain[dot]com efroeymn.epizy[dot]com
MX domain[dot]com mx.epizy[dot]com
TXT domain[dot]com google-site-verification=XYZ

In CloudFlare:
CNAME domain[dot]com efroeymn.epizy[dot]com (proxied)
CNAME www domain[dot]com
MX domain[dot]com mx.epizy[dot]com
TXT domain[dot]com google-site-verification=XYZ

In InfinityFree:
CloudFlare is disabled

I read the following article:
And I think everything is according to the recommendations

p.p. Sorry for [dot]com thing but it won’t allow my more than 2 links as new user

Because the epizy.com domain name is broken right now, your CNAME records aren’t working.

To fix this, you could:

  • Replace the CNAME record pointing to your account’s main domain with A records pointing to it’s IP address. For your account, the IP address to use is
  • Change the MX record from mx.epizy.com to mx.rf.gd.

Thank you for your answer. It will probably work, but I cannot test it right now. I moved to paid hosting.

Thank you once again. Your service is great for free hosting.
Good luck.

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