Epizy.com unreachable in some places around the world

wdym? mine is reachable :confused:

Mine has been unreachable since yesterday - even when epizy.com was supposed to be back up (possibly the registered nameserver fault screwed it up at godaddy), I changed the nameservers to ns1+2.byet.org about 2/3 hours ago, so still waiting.

I can access my website, but many of my pictures doesn’t show or doesn’t open at all. My Railway fans are angry about it. I hope they fix it fast !!!


how to solve this problem , pls ?

What Admin said, but edited:

i changed but still same problem.

After changing the nameservers, you need to wait at least 72 hours for it to be accessible from all the world.

ok, thank you for your information. can we lost the previous datas or not?

@joao-isabel The epizy.com issue would just cause DNS errors, like “Domain name could not be found” or something like that. While there have been DNS issues in the past which caused websites to redirect to parking pages, it’s different from this one. Please create a new topic if you still need help.

@pknepal Note that while the root cause of the epizy.com issue was fixed, the issue was that the nameservers were not correctly made available on the epizy.com domain. So just like any DNS change (including you changing your nameservers on your own domain), it can take up to 72 hours for the change to be visible everywhere due to DNS propagation.

So please have patience, because this issue may just fix itself over time.

Also, since this issue was on the domain registrar/registry side and not on the hosting platform, no data was lost.


No site access, two days and counting. Got it on FTP, changed the nameservers to byet.org ns1 thru ns5 - confirmed change by GoDaddy. Do I need another host?

I’m locking this topic to prevent more unrelated issues from being associated with this.

This issue was resolved. Due to DNS propagation, it can take up to 72 hours for full functionality to be restored everywhere. If you’re still having problems this Friday or later, it means your issue is caused by something else. If you’re seeing something other than DNS resolution errors, it means your issue is caused by something else.

And if your issue is caused by something else, please submit a new topic and explain the issue rather than posting here and saying the issue is not fixed yet.

@joachimokeefe You don’t need another host, but you do need to submit a new topic and explain the issue so we can at least try to help you. We need a bit more information than the words “no site access” to figure out what’s going on with your site.

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