Can't connect to FTP? Website down

Username epiz_26046621 url or

New to hosting, but I created a website which seemed to be working fine for the past day or so, then today it has stopped working, in the sense that when I try to connect to the website above, it times out and cannot be reached. In addition to being unable to view the website, I also cannot connect to the FTP file system either.

Sorry if there is already information about this out there, I had a look on the forums where I saw there had been issues/updates to some FTPs and websites on however mine says it is hosted on which isn’t mentioned.

Any advice welcome.

Take a look at this one, this might help you:

His websites are also down so I don’t think that this helps

There is some problem with server IP which the @Admin will address as soon as he is online. Please be patient.

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Hey @Philipdmack,

I can confirm you that iFastNet has some issues with the ip that your website is hosted on.
Reply from iFastNet:

Yes, unfortunately, we’re working on resolving this as soon as possible. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hope that this helped you and sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:


Thanks for the speedy responses guys, glad to see it isnt because of anything I have broke.


Glad we helped. Please mark this as resolved and let us know if you need further help :wink:

having the same issue with ip
site is down and ftp is unavailable.
@Admin can you please check

Yes, the 112 and 113 IPs are currently down. I just published the outage announcement:


Updating problem with my latest reply from Website IPs and down for maintenance - #16 by rurallamancha

Begin quote:
I am having issues too, my website no longer exists? As detailed in this post on the forum: Can’t connect to FTP? Website down
I had created a new website on my own domain hosted here. The IP is, port 21, subdomain which I forwarded to my new domain which now gets a 404 not found,
The original subdomain now loads a blank wordpress saying “Lets make something awesome”
I can now connect to the file manager FTP however all the files are gone, yet on my Cpanel it is still saying I have used resources such as sqldatabases, add-on domains, and 19% of my inodes?

Is there anyway to resolve this or do I need to start the whole process all over again as I had only made by website 1 day before this wipe/issue had occurred and therefore have no backups myself.


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Like I wrote in the announcement topic, if you created your account on the 19th of June, then your data may be gone:

As for the 404 error page, this is likely caused by the addon domain directory being missing. You can simply recreate it by removing the domain from your account and then adding it again.


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