Website IPs and down for maintenance

All servers have been migrated to the new, fast SSD storage now, so almost every should see a performance increase on their website compared to a month ago!

Unfortunately, it appears that one of the servers has suffered from system corruption during the migration. Because of that, the server had to be shut down and is now being repaired.

This issue affects all accounts hosted on the website IPs and If your website is one one of these IPs, you will see issues like:

  • The connection has timed out
  • Error 522 - Connection Timed Out

Additionally, you may see the error “Home directory not available” when connecting over FTP, and cannot access the file manager.

iFastNet has stated that the issue will be fixed within 24 hours. However, it’s possible that it may take longer due to complicatons.


That’s my website IP :sob:
Okay… I’ll wait :cry:

Interesting, my website isn’t timed out (although yesterday issue is actually timed out), but instead 404’ed :confused:

Same Problem with 404

Hmm. Thats the answers,of this strong feeling that I am being monitored from my own website.

Fortunately, my website doesn’t use that ip address

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Aw crap :confused:

Any Update? very disappointing situation.

The website IPs are back online. If you were on one of these IP addresses and are still having issues, can you please specify which issue you’re experiencing and on which URL you get it?

All I have seen so far is a screenshot with a URL bar with a font so garbled I simply cannot read it.


It’s Serenity font. You can’t read it? I can read it :joy:
BTW my website still 404. I even do Ctrl+Shift+R and clear the cache. :confused:

Hello, my website has been down for about 4 days now. I thought it might be due to the server migration but it’s not on any of the IPs which were affected. Please let me know what I should do, thanks.

If your website is not on these ip’s, please create a new topic for this. Thank you!


No, I can’t. It’s nice that you can read it, but you’re asking me for help and expecting me to do so based on text I can’t read.

To be honest, I think that most text based captchas are easier to read than the squibbles in your screenshot.


I know you’re still having this issue. I haven’t done anything to fix it yet. And I haven’t done anything yet because you haven’t given me the information I needed to do so.

If you want to make fun of me, that’s OK I guess. But if you want my help, please give me the information I need, and don’t mock me for not being able to make sense of the unintelligible glyphs you call a font.


Hello, I have my web in server I had a wordpress web and currently, wordpress doesn’t exist, is not installed anymore and i have nothing in my web.
When I try to modify my web ( and error " 404 Page Not Found". Could you please check it and bring me back my work?

Thank you in advance, regards

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This caused because of the maintenance. It should have resolved once the maintenance finishes !

Also, when I visit my web (, this appears.

Thank you for the support

I am having issues too, my website no longer exists? As detailed in this post on the forum: Can't connect to FTP? Website down - #8 by eko180
I had created a new website on my own domain hosted here. The IP is, port 21, subdomain which I forwarded to my new domain which now gets a 404 not found,
The original subdomain now loads a blank wordpress saying “Lets make something awesome”
I can now connect to the file manager FTP however all the files are gone, yet on my Cpanel it is still saying I have used resources such as sqldatabases, add-on domains, and 19% of my inodes?

Is there anyway to resolve this or do I need to start the whole process all over again as I had only made by website 1 day before this wipe/issue had occurred and therefore have no backups myself.


That’s the default InfinityFree webpage, if you want to remove it then login to the File Manager and go to the “htdocs” folder and delete the “index2.html” file.

Hello, I don’t want to remove them, I want my site back. Thanks

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This 404’s different now.
And @Admin, my website is on my user card. So if you’re asking me the website address, look in my user card by clicking my profile picture.
And the issue I’m facing right now is 404.