Can a deleted account be recovered?

InfinityFree automatically deletes accounts if they have been suspended or deactivated for some time. Accounts may be deactivated for inactivity, because you requested it yourself, or because of abuse.

Is your account deleted?

If you think your account may be deleted, please check your client area first.

If your account is listed there, either active or suspended, it’s not deleted. If your account is suspended, no data has been deleted from your account. In those cases you can either have your account reactivated, or request a backup of it.

If your account is no longer listed in the client area, that means the account was fully deleted and cannot be recovered.

Can I still get my files if the account was deleted?

Once an account is deleted, it’s completely removed from the servers. This means that all files, databases, settings and other content is completely erased. Any domain names previously assigned to the account are released and become available to be added to other accounts. For free subdomains, this means that anyone can use the subdomain on their own hosting accounts.

So when an account is deleted, there is nothing that can be reactivated or recovered. All content is completely erased and domains may be taken by others.

Please do not contact support about having your account restored. If your account is deleted, it’s gone, and there is nothing we can do for you.

Deleted or deactivated/suspended?

Be sure to note the difference between an account that’s deleted or only deactivated or suspended.

If an account is deactivated or suspended, you will see it in the client area with a description as to what the status is. In those cases, no data is deleted, and the client area has information on how the account can be restored.

If the account is deleted, it will no longer be visible in the client area. If an account has disappeared (especially if it was suspended before), it is most likely deleted and cannot be recovered.



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