20000 forum users - Awesome Special Event!

Speaking of AI…

Ah man did it get stumped. Took a good 30-45 seconds till it finally answered (the last 3 were done immediately, so I don’t think it was a network error)!

To be fair, I think I’d stump a human by replying like this as well.


Smart AI, I gotta admit!







IFTTT is silly. They keep changing the amount of applets on free plan all the time. From 3 to 5 to 1 to 5 to 2 to 5 to 2. It sounds like a trick to make you buy their paid plans. Use Huginn instead


Great news of reaching 20k! :partying_face:
I just wonder what is the “certain period” before deleting accounts.It was probably more than half a year after my last login.I was surprised that my account is still alive :smiley:


Hosting accounts are deleted after a long time period of inactivity on the website and/or suspension, but client area accounts are not deleted automatically as far as I’m aware, you have to manually follow a process to get it deleted:


Appericiated though what I’m referring to is probably the forum accounts as mentioned by Oxy.Or the forum accounts are the same thing with the client area accounts?
But still thanks for sharing that! :smiley:


The forum profiles are tied to the client area accounts :slight_smile:

I see :sunglasses:
Thanks again for wasting time on my little dumb question :grinning:


No worries, and it isn’t a dumb question at all :smiley:


Hi and WB

The forum deletes users who have zero activity (zero posts, zero read time, zero presence).
The time span is a secret…but longer than 6 months.


I see that Putin has responded to the 20,000 forum user count being passed by pushing the number of Russian troops killed to over 200,000. I thought it was horrific when he reached 50,000, but he just doesn’t stop. He’ll soon reach the point where the word “million” comes into play, which first happens when the word “quarter” is paired with it. That will certainly happen now. I wonder if it will go on up to a half.


The value of human life in russia has always been low,
just an example of Stalin who, according to some estimates, is responsible for 7-20 million dead russians.

The russian people never manage to experience catharsis,
and the consequence of that is that russia will return to the 19th century.

If putin had succeeded and won in three days, I believe that most russians would have applauded him, thrown roses and glorified him.

He lied to the whole world and said it was just a military exercise while massing forces along the Ukrainian border… and then he was warned by the EU and NATO not to attack Ukraine because the consequences would be great…

Now, because of the sanctions, they don’t even have parts for the 2,000 passenger planes that fly, and soon they will start crashing. Not to mention the other effects of the sanctions as well as the total decline in the reputation of the russian army and the country as a whole.

Although the word “reputation” is quite questionable when he poisons his political opponents, people fall through windows or downstairs, they have no right to protest and they don’t have to do anything…
But OK - every nation deserves its leader.

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Why didn’t I see this before :joy:


I initially thought it must have been rude, but perhaps it was a love poem:-

Oh, admin and mods;
Love removed and deleted
Out of modesty.


It can have two or three meanings

  1. he wrote something nasty so the staff hid it
  2. or briefly shows the work of admins and moderators
  3. or everything is fake

@linguist I like your version :+1:
simple, connected and deep!

btw. how are the book sales going?

in the meantime on Cloudflare


No sales of the book yet as I’m still writing it - it’s slow going as I average 250 words a day, but that’s enough to produce a book in a year. 55,000 words done now, but I repeatedly edit the part that’s been written, so 90% of it is already up to publishable standard.

The story involves two boys living 4500 years apart who have a telepathic link. The Stone Age boy is a wizard growing up at a stone circle. The modern site has only remnants of that circle, and archaeologists are digging there, but the modern boy anticipates all their discoveries because he knows what was going on there four and a half thousand years ago. I use the story to explore the capacity of religious hate to generate violence and genocide. It’s darker than Lord of the Flies.


Ooh, sounds interesting!


And the one who is in the stone age died a long time ago?
I’m asking this because it’s a little strange to me that they have psi-link, and one side of “the phone” is dead - if we assume that it was 4.5k years ago.

Or are they both alive but somehow communicating through time?
if they communicate; that would then disrupt the space-time continuum
and this one from the present would have to be extra careful in what he “says” to the one in the stone age so as not to change history/future.

Although they probably communicate with mental images and emotions, and not with language, because those from the Stone Age do not have a developed language
and if this modern person said banana or sent him a picture of a banana, the person from the Stone Age would not know what it is.

I mean I understand what artistic freedom is :joy: or SF
I’m just wondering how you solved it and what if someone from the criticism asks you such a question?
Don’t answer if it will reveal a lot about your book!