Alter DNS for TXT


Good afternoon, I need a help, I need to change DNS to TXT can someone help me please.


In the future, please do not type in all caps, it makes it seem like you are shouting.
Additionally, please type in English or use an online translator.

TXT records can be added in the SPF section of the control panel


I’m new, sorry, thank you very much, I’ll check here

Can you give us your domain name ?
Because I see that you come from one of the countries that often have a problem with this

ignore it if it has nothing to do with your domain :slightly_smiling_face:


ok that works fine… :slightly_smiling_face:

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como eu faço para alterar para txt
não estou conseguindo

Please speak English !

Since you have your own domain, it is recommended to use Cloudflare

and there you have many more choices regarding all DNS data

For what purpose do you want to use the TXT record?


I want to use on facebook, to check, keep asking the following message; No DNS entries found
Do not find any DNS TXT entries for the specified domain

This ?

FB business domain validation?


so, I’ve already done all this, I got in support with my domain company, they say they have to change it on the hosting site

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Have you tried uploading an HTML file? - since it is listed as one of the options
If it doesn’t work, it is likely that the FB bot is blocked because it is unable to store cookies and run javascript

but you always have the Cloudflare option !

I would recommend it because it speeds up your website, provides a lot of additional security and so on.

Please see the link I mentioned above (green Cloudflare word)


how do you configure dns to txt in Cloudflare

Read first, calm down and take it easy step by step…

at Cloudflare, choose the free option.

For everything else about CF you have Cloudflare help website

Now your head is full of new information
so it is best to read everything several times
and then slowly step by step.

It’s not something that takes two or three clicks and you’re done…
Especially because it takes time for DNS propagation, etc.


Thank you very much, to be able to solve my problem, you are amazing.



Well, a lot of it was intuition because you didn’t mention that you actually want to validate the domain because of FB, but I assumed that you meant FB business.

Now that you’re over Cloudflare, once you get a good rest,
and once you are sufficiently familiar with working in the Cloudflare dashboard

Think about this:

Of course, read everything first before any actions :slight_smile:


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