Problem Adding Domain to Hosting Account


I did all the above procedure and it didn’t work because InfinityFree doesn’t allow access to the site by IP address. The server redirects to the URL.

I saw that in the video tutorial, before carrying out the procedures it is necessary to create the domain in the InfinityFree account. And that was precisely the reason that led me to use the Cloudfare service.

To create a domain on InfinityFree with a free account, it must already point to the nameservers:
Note: You must set your domains name servers to the following before adding the domain to this system:

So how can this be done? Could anyone tell me if it is enough to just add NS entries in the DNS configuration on Cloudfare, pointing to these addresses and wait for replication to be able to Create an Addon Domain on InfinityFree?

No, you need to do this first

Then you can add domain to hosting account


This I tried to do at first. I didn’t even know about the Cloudfare tool. My name service here in Brazil “” does not allow you to define nameserver entries if they are not already configured in the hosting service. And to do this in InfinityFree I need the entry to be made in my dns name service (for free accounts), understand the infinite loop?

Unfortunately then you’ll have to find another host that is not using iFastNet’s infrastructure or you’ll need to purchase an new domain.


and a new registrar. Registrars that enforce these dns checks are unlikely to work on IF as well.
If your domain (non .br, .de, .dk etc) is more than 60 days old at this current registrar, you can transfer to another registrar. Otherwise you have to wait

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