Account suspended for nothing / / /

This day i discovered all my websites are suspended for nothing, if it overloaded your servers, i am very sorry, its been due to a raid to my servers and i’ll make my best to stop these raids and continue using your services

Error Message

Your account is Suspended

Your account was suspended for a violation of our terms of service. Reasons for this may include harmful or illegal content, or because your account overloaded our servers.

To learn why your account was suspended, to get your account reactivated, or to request a backup, please submit a support ticket.

In some cases of severe abuse, we may choose to not provide any further information or provide access to account data.

Other Information

My website’s code is open-source and all the others too, if InfinityFree or anyone of the InfinityFree workers asks me for the websites files, i can give it without any problems.

Thanks for responding


Accounts are never suspended for no reason:


infinityfree banned me for bandwidth even i have unlimited

That would be a first for me. What evidence do you see that proves to you that your account was suspended because you reached bandwidth limits?

I checked your accounts but I don’t see any tickets submitted yet. If you want to know the actual reason, get your account back or at least gain access to the contents, pleas submit a ticket.

If you would prefer to speculate here, then you do you. But whatever you want with your accounts, sharing guesses on the forum isn’t going to help.


i submitted a reply

on the account “Website for”
i may close signups to refrain from raids

You guys should consider stickying this link. It seems to be a pretty common issue.


i double-checked the terms of services and my website doesnt enfrain any of these, if its suspended for “threads or viruses” i think its an error cause the code is open-source

How do these “raids” cause your account to be suspended? What do the people do during the raid? It may be caused by hosting some content which violates the terms of service.

they spam the “create an account” option or spam “yeahs” or “nahs” or they spam posts comments etc

and bruteforce my account

What did they reply in Ticket? What is the exact message?


they didnt reply to the ticket from the dashboard

You have to give them some time to reply. It’s not instant.


yeah i know
i’ll wait maybe tomorrow


um can you make it fast as possible i know you can’t read all but i submitted a support ticket and you didn’t read, also my friend got his clone suspended too.

They never suspend accounts for no reason. There must be some content on your site or a violation of the terms of service which caused this to happen. The only people who can address this issue are the people who work at InfinityFree. We don’t have access to their system.


Please be patient. Support will address your issue as soon as they can. Posting that your ticket hasn’t been answered yet on the forum won’t boost the speed it’s answered to.

By “clone” do you mean it was a clone of your site?


i’ll explain, my website is a revival of a service of Nintendo called Miiverse, and some websites uses the same open-source code to make their clone and nothing is illegal or is infringing InfinityFree terms of service, my website used 5Mb of storage and very very not much of bandwidth, so i dont know what infinityfree didn’t liked

I believe they treated it this way due to the potential copyright issues? A revival website of the Club Penguin game was seized by the FBI.
There also were pokemon fan games which got sued by Nintendo.