Your account was suspended for abuse

5 websites, heres one:

Ok so like, one of my friends asked me to show how easy it is to make a fake website, so I just grabbed Google’s homepage and put it on one of my domains. (it didn’t have any logging or anything, just a boring google homepage) About 5 minutes later most of my websites got suspended. (Btw this happened last Tuesday, so I’ve been waiting roughly 5 days)

I submitted a ticket and it was replied to buy staff roughly 7 hours later. But the reply was just blank, and said if i have any further questions to send another reply, but that if I did, it would put me in the bottom of the queue.

Now with that said? is it normal to just receive a blank reply?? because I don’t wanna reply if I’m just being impatient (cause then i’d be put to the bottom queue), or if it’s just that the staff messed up or didn’t reply? (on accident?)

you clearly got suspended for attempting to fake google.


well obviously. I’m asking about how the support just didn’t reply

Show me a screenshot of the staff reply, also you copied google.


Ticket status changed to Pending at January 6, 2021, 2:19 am

Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.

(7 hours after I sent my message to them?)

I asked a screenshot.


It says pending. Therefore you will have to wait I suppose.


Don’t steal other people’s websites. That’s grounds to get perma-banned.

Even if it’s “just for test”, there are tons of free HTML example pages to use. You don’t need to clone someone else’s site to show your own site works.


I wasn’t though. I literally was just trying to show an example of how easy it is to warn a friend about phishing. I don’t need free HTML examples. I understand why cloning a website is bad but I was only using it for literally 2 minutes to show how phishing is bad.

Sure, but there are plenty of other ways to show it.

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Well of course, and I understand, although I’m literally just curious if and when ill get my accounts back? because I’m just a student and a few of those accounts were quite important to my educational life. Because if I’m not getting my accounts back then I just want to know.

Ah, now the cat’s out of the bag.

Phishing is illegal, and we have strict zero tolerance policy regarding any phishing related content on our hosting.

If we see you uploading phishing, you’re out. We’ll never do business with you again. End of story. No exceptions.

Too bad about your legitimate content. Should have thought about that before uploading extremely illegal and dangerous stuff to our servers.


I am extremely confused. I was trying to say that the default google page was to show how easy it is to duplicate something, to WARN him against phishing. I have not done ANYTHING related to phishing. You all have been extremely rude for no reason. And do NOT say that I was phishing because that was literally the default google page WITHOUT css. To show how a page can be easily duplicated, I understand that I should not have done that and I regret doing it, I should have just showed him outside of anything InfinityFree related, though I did not do anything illegal.

Please read the above statement, it has felt as if half of what I’m saying is just getting thrown out and you all want to act as if I am the bane of humanity. I just wanted to warn my friend :confused:

If you are gonna do that, try in local PC, not in the internet


Regardless of your intentions, you still uploaded a copy of someone else’s site onto your account, which is still copyrighted code that you didn’t make or get permission from the creators (Google) to use. So it’s both impersonation, and copyright infringement.


Sorry! As Stated by @anon77371365 and @anon54841129 You uploaded heavily copyrighted content (Googles homepage) owned by Alphabet. We can’t help you with that sorry!


So you’re saying your goal was to show how phishing works? But then you say you haven’t uploaded anything related to phishing? I’m sorry, but it seems you’re just contradicting yourself here.

I agree, phishing is too easy. That’s why our policy is so strict.

Yes, it is getting thrown out. Because whatever you say doesn’t change the outcome.

Repeating my previous statement.

These exceptions include people making excuses which are variations of “it’s just for educational purposes”. It’s one phishers tell us a lot.

In this case, I’m actually inclined to believe you.

But again: we have a zero tolerance policy for anything phishing related. So my personal opinion is irrelevant. So again: no exceptions.


@anon2458064 I have already replied to this, you all do not need to repeat this. but other than that

Well what I mean relating to this, is I hadn’t implemented anything to to log passwords and such. But I did copy the page and I’m sorry for that, I only intended to had this page up for a few minutes. but at this point, I just want to know if I’m banned forever. or if this is temporary.

I’m only gonna use the service for my actual work, instead of dumb things like copying a page and breaking rules just to show something that I could have showed in multiple other ways. But if not, please, just understand that I meant no bad intention, only good. Though either way, I understand if I’m banned. I’m sorry for my first statements being trash, I’ve just been very stressed.

Forever. Like Admin said it’s a no tolerance policy.