Your account was suspended for abuse

Again, you’re contradicting and implicating yourself. A partial phishing page is definitely something related to phishing. So saying you haven’t done anything related to phishing is a flat-out lie.

I’m sorry, but what is unclear about my messages? You say that I ignore things you say, but you seem to be doing a good job at that yourself as well.

Emphasis added in case you’re missing the point again.

And to be clear: “never” means “not ever”. I don’t understand how you could think that this may be temporary.


I personally just thought a phishing page had to have something that logged passwords/emails/etc, not just a copied webpage. I made no attempt to obtain any data. Which is what everyone I know defines as phishing.

Well you said “If we see you uploading phishing, you’re out”, but like I said above, I didn’t consider what I did phishing, and the word “suspended” normally means to “temporarily restrict” so I wasn’t sure. But ok then.

Copying a website is the first step to starting a full blown phishing scam. You might not consider what you did to be phishing but the rules (and apparently a lot of us) do. How were we supposed to know that you weren’t starting one?


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