Your account is Temporarily Suspended


i didn"t do anything i just checking my website i dont creating subdomains why my website suspended for hits
Your account was suspended because you hit the Hits Limits. Learn more about this limit. Your account will be reactivated automatically in 22 hours from now. Don’t want to wait any longer? iFastNet can migrate your website quickly and for free, even if your account is suspended!

Can you share the statistics from the vPanel (yours)? It will contain all thee metrics related to your free hosting account!


looks like exceeded the daily hits limit by 10x. I think you got ddos’ed as your hits spikes. Cloudflare can help reduce this!

Your website was suspended for getting too many hits because you got too many hits. Seems quite self explanatory, isn’t it?

The client area has a link to an article which explains more about the limit.

There seem to be multiple people today reporting issues with Daily Hits suspensions for “no reason”.

I can see two possible situations where this could happen:

  • There is an error in our calculations and accounts are being suspended that shouldn’t be suspended.
  • Your site got a lot more traffic for some reason than usual. This could be bot traffic.

I looked through our records, and it seems there aren’t more accounts getting suspended for daily hits than usual. If we made an error, I would expect the number of suspensions would be much higher, but that’s not the case.

So option #2 seems like the only reasonable explanation.

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it will be reactivated?

Did you even try to read the text in the screenshot? Or just made the screenshot and dumped it here for us to explain it to you?


Also, I see that the inode limit is hit (100%). Inode limit means the number of individual files to be allowed in a hosting account.

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