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This is a pretty new WP installation, with just 1 article and a SSL cert. In general everything seems to work OK, but the editor lacks the panels to set the tags and categories of new posts. This is with the default theme (20 23) and all plugins disabled.

Googling around I have seen people comment that it can be related to REST APIs being blocked, but I can access the corresponding URLs myself and the response seems OK.

The Wordpress Health plugin shows no problems. I have seen the doc about known issues with that plugin but none seems to apply to me: loopback and REST APIs are reported as working OK.

Interestingly, if I use the WP classic editor plugin, it shows the tags and categories… but I’d prefer to use the standard editor.

Has anyone seen the same or have some suggestion?

I’m looking at the network traffic with the Firefox developer tools while the post editor loads. There’s a moment in the middle of the loading when some requests (that I suspect would retrieve the categories and tags data) start failing with a 508 status. The response data says “this site/page has used all available php processes”, etc.

So my understanding is that the editor is not managing to load fully because the server limits have been reached.

The cpanel stats show some activity, but no peaks that reach even the 50% point. Actually 2 graphs (Daily I/O and Entry Process Failures) only show a line saying “There is currently no data to show for this graph”, maybe something should be showing there?

I am surprised, because this is still a pretty fresh Wordpress installation. I’m just trying to edit my first post! So even with the standard theme and no plugins, there’s still not enough resources to fully load the standard editor?

I understand this is free, and I was already thinking that probably I should try the premium hosting… but I could have moved forward with that 3 days ago (!) if it was stated somewhere that even starting to use Wordpress is going to find failures. If I hadn’t gone into debugging network connections I wouldn’t have found this at all! In fact I’m realizing now that some weird random behavior I was seeing might have been caused by internal failures like this.

So I’d suggest that some concrete information in the docs about the practical meaning of limits would be helpful. Like, “even a plain installation of WP is going to stutter”.
Particularly if even the resource usage graphs seem to show that I’m still far from reaching any limit.

This is weird as it never happened to me before.
Try refreshing the page to see if the failing resources can load, as some of those already loaded resources have been cached in the browser.

Or it is possible (though not so possible) that iFastNet decided to decrease the limit.

You might wanted to see this:

In short, every request creates an entry process.

That graph’s not live, so :neutral_face:

You might wanted to think twice to see if this hosting can work.


Thank you for the reply, but I have been retrying for over 3 days now so this is not something that a refresh will fix. And these 3 days should be visible by now in the graphs.

The Entry Process doc does sound like that’s the problem, yes. Pity that that seems to be one of the “should be there but isn’t” graphs?

I’m really OK with moving to premium, I expected that sooner or later I’d have to. I just resent the time I’ve wasted looking into this.

Actually I just found someone having the same problem (though with woo-commerce) 3 weeks ago. Looks like they couldn’t even finish setting up. Ugh.
I’m not a web dev so I don’t jump into the dev tools easily. I guess I should.

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