Woo commerce setup configuration page doesnt load


Can’t get past the woocommerce setup page
After installing woocommerce plugin in wordpress and opening the setup wizard the page simply loads infinitely, when looking at the console log there is a bunch of errors as well. i tried reinstalling woocommerce and wordpress multiple times. sometimes it loads but the buttons (get started button) doesnt work.

Link to the screenshot of the issue,

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Thank you for including the Console tab in the screenshot, it’s quite telling.

In the Console, I see error messages showing that various requests fail with status codes 500 and 508.

The 500 error means that your PHP code crashed. That’s bad news, but it’s not clear why exactly it breaks.

The 508 error is more telling though. A 508 error means the PHP code was interrupted because the limits of your account were exceeded. This can happen if your account exceeds the concurrent CPU power, memory usage, or process usage of your account.

We know from experience that WooCommerce is quite a heavy plugin, and technically our hosting doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements of WooCommerce, our PHP memory limit is technically set too low. It also seems that the memory limits were adjusted recently judging by the sharp increase in memory limit suspensions.

All in all, it seems to me that WooCommerce is just too heavy for free hosting.

Also, next time could you please just upload the screenshot to the forum directly? You can just paste the image from the clipboard, drag-and-drop it in or click the upload button and the image will be embedded in your post. No need to use a third party image sharing service, which then requires us to go to another website to see the image.


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