Why I can't access my website created through infinity free and I can't use WordPress

Username: epiz_28786754

Label: Website for chintamani.lovestoblog.com
Domain: chintamani.lovestoblog.com
This are my details,
I want to know that why I can’t use this website for WordPress. I want to just use the WordPress. I have installed it and used it for few time and I leave from there and tried to use it again by by correct way,
But I have got to suspended domain website, but I can see clearly that my website is active in my client area please help me with this problem and tell me the solution in brief.

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I did not see any error type error-connection-timed-out but I want to when I am able to work on WordPress. I just using this hosting for using yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. Please tell me when and how can I become able to use the website to use WordPress.

Yes, I created account in your account on 3rd of June and sign out that time and later I back to this website later at 3rd June.

Yes, when I search for my created website, I redirect to suspended domain website

IPs and I have one of this IP please tell me what to do I just want to use the WordPress please answer me

No, you don’t. Your website IP address is listed in the client area. For you hosting account, that’s

As for your issue itself, it looks like your htdocs folder is gone. I created a new, empty folder for you, but you will have to setup a website on it yourself.

I want to how to setup account, please tell me about it

Your account is already setup.

If you want to setup WordPress, Softaculous is the easiest way to do that.

Am I need to install it again,if yes then it shows error as that it is installed in htdocs folder

Uninstall WP with softaculous, than re-install it.


Okay, it has worked thanks for suggestion. I want to know that will I face this issue facing now again in future

Hopefully never. This was most likely caused by the server upgrade. Make sure to always keep a backup so you never permanently lose anything!

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