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Both Firefox & Chrome say site can’t be reached??? WTF?
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Also why is my post GREYED OUT? Is my account being ghosted on here and if so for what reason?

It looks fine to me…

It looks like you may have removed your nameservers. Please make sure that your nameservers are set to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com


I didn’t remove anything. I haven’t been on this site for a while until today. So anything that was removed did not originate on my end. Does this mean this site is not affiliated with where those servers are operated?

edit: I clicked on both those URLs and can’t access the servers of either of these. Says “site can’t be reached” on both these? Also my subdomain account itself appears to have been DELETED??

Weather you did it or not, your nameservers appear to have disappeared. Please remove the domain from your account, ensure the nameservers are set correctly with your registar, and re-ad the domain.

I’m consistently getting a 404 Error Resource Can’t be found error everytime I try to access my subdomain account. And so it’s not possible to modify anything as I can’t even access my account…


Account number modified for security reasons

How is it possible things “look fine” on your end but I’m seeing 0/3 accounts here


Adding my account number to the URL above leads to the 404 error page. The site is literally asking me to re-register a new account. When it already has my profile/email/pwd stored on a server. Which clearly implies that said account already exists??

So there are no websites on the accounts screen? Can you check your email for any communications form IF? If your account was deleted, you can just re-ad the domain, and upload your files.

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Thanks for the follow up. I can’t do that because I can’t access any aspect of my account.

Because yep. Confirmed just awhile ago via system email sent today.

Account deletion for inactive use.

That was the only heads up warning I got before it was deleted by the system. No warning prompts via email or anything.

All that hard work for a year long class web & software design project gone to sh8te thanks to system utilization/storage efficiency. I’m backlogged having to upload my entire directory AND setup my site AGAIN.

F@ck it. I’m done.

Means you haven’t gotten any visitors, or logged-in in awhile.

This is a free service, how much more do you expect? It is not free to send emails on a large scale you know…

Have you ever head of creating a backup? You should ALWAYS have a backup on your own machine (And an external drive at a friends house or in a safe), as hardware can fail, and data can be corrupted (This can happen on all hosts, not just free ones).

Unfortunately, your files may have disappeared due to this:

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You should have received an email when the account was deactivated (on the 28th of June, if you want to search for it). I would check for you whether it was actually sent, but our logs don’t go back that far.

Additionally, you may have received additional emails warning you that your account would be at risk for inactivity suspension, but those tend to be a bit more unpredictable and unreliable.

Very true. At some point, like 80% of the operational expenses of the client area were for email services. We do have a provider that’s a lot cheaper now.

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