Website suspended for no reason

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My Website got suspended, i dont know why I got suspened at all, but my Website dosent provide any Malware, IP attacks, ect… this is just a normal Website that just has the Document engine “docsify.js” and php stuff, nothing else, that makes the Hosting exhausted or something, please fix it asap!

Error Message

(please share the FULL error message you see, if app




I have the same problem, and I have been trying to create a reactivation ticket but in the control panel the page is shown as active.

Seems fine from here:

I also see no suspensions at all being logged in the client area. So it doesn’t appear that your domain was ever suspended at any point.

Note that being redirected to is not conclusive information that your account is suspended. There are other reasons why it might happen too, most of which are described here:

Since you have the same problem, the same answer applies: your site is working from here, and no suspensions were recorded for your account.

And of course, it’s not possible to request an appeal for an account that’s not suspended.



My website has been unblocked now. But i asked other dudes to visit my site and it was the same thing to them.

But it seems be fixed now xd.

I also read the Suspend Documentation, seems like there was something temporary

Anyway thanks for the fast respond! :smiley:

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It wasn’t blocked in the first place.

The best way to check if your account is suspended is to check the client area. If the client area doesn’t say your account is suspended, it means whatever you are seeing is something else.

There may have been some kind system issue that resulted in your website not being loaded that was fixed now. That seems like the most likely explanation to me. But if something like that happens and you want help, please don’t come here asking “why is my account suspended” when it clearly isn’t.


Ahh, alright much thanks to everyone!
Also thanks for providing the Info with the Client Area! I will note it! :slight_smile:


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