Website deleted

visited site after feew month and my website got deleted. pls restore.

If you did not keep a backup, then it is gone forever


site cant access
someone pls restore my site data

The domain you provided currently redirects to the suspension page:

If your account is suspended, you can read this:

Keep in mind to act fast, as if your account gets deleted, all content is permanently erased and cannot be recovered:


I see this

Make sure to do this

then add domain to hosting account


pls share site data…unable to recover from cpanel…cant see website there

Did you read the articles I shared?

If the account that contained these domains appears in the “deleted accounts” section in the client area, then unfortunately all content is gone permanently.

If you were using a subdomain prior and just want to add your domains, or if your domains got deleted for some strange reason but your account is still active and the content there, follow the advice in the post above by KangJL.


The account for, with username epiz_32435852, was deleted on March 1st. It was suspended on February 9, after being suspended every day for hitting the IO limits.

We would have been happy to give you a backup of the account if you had asked for it, but you didn’t, so we assumed that you didn’t care and the account was deleted automatically after 20 days.

As for, I don’t know about that site. It’s not attached to an account right now so I don’t know where to look. If you know the username of the account, I can try to look it up for you.


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