Website completely gone

My website files are gone!

My site ( has recently lost all of its files.
I did not check up on it for a bit of time, nor did I receive any email from infinityfree asking if my site was still in use, or anything like that.
(refering to this My website is gone?)
My account has not been deleted, just the files are missing.

I really only had a few .htaccess files and was relying a cloudflare service worker.

The MAIN problem now is that my subdomains are screwed over. The folders for the subdomains are gone and seem to be broken. I have deleted the subdomains in the control panel, and re-added them with no luck. I have manually added the folders for the subdomains [ sub_domain → htdocs → my_files ], and again, no luck.

I can create the subdomain folders, but they dont work, even with time to update.

Why have my files disappeared, and why are my subdomains broken?

Unfortunately this might have happened to you.


Not sure how I missed that. Thank you, for letting me know. fuck

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It is bad, hopefully you have a backup, and if not, I’m sure you learned a lesson :joy:

yea like the post said it was just some .htaccess files, and I had a backup from a few weeks ago, only had to change a few lines. But yea after this, I’m making full backups of everything!

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