My website is gone?

I made a website last year

It’s gone!!! why is that???

Can anyone help me get my website back??

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Because you set it up once and then disappeared. So we thought you had forgotten us and had abandoned the site.

So we sent you a bunch of emails boiling down to “hey, your website hasn’t gotten any traffic, so we’re going to remove it to make room for active sites, just click this link if you want to keep it”. To which we didn’t get any response as far as I can tell. So we went ahead and deleted your account like we said we would.

This happened in the second half of June, in case you want to check for those messages.

Not really. An account that’s gone is really, truly, gone. There is nothing left to restore, backup, reactivate or transfer.


Working fine on my end though

I’m a teacher… I set it up to use in my class. If you noticed the traffic was all during this time last year. You sent me emails to my school account as the year was closing so I did not see them. In addition you sent one!?? I saw it the other day. I’m trying to reupload my website but it doesn’t work. It errors every time…

I’m sorry, but what do you expect me to do with that information? We don’t ask people for their occupation at sign-up. We don’t distinguish educational purposes from regular users. If an account is inactive, it’s at risk of being cleaned up. Regardless of what it has been used for, how much it was used and how long it was used.

And no, I can’t see that there was traffic a year ago. We don’t keep metrics that long for active accounts, and not at all for deleted ones.

We send notifications through email, and it’s your responsibility to provide an email address where you can see these notifications on time. If you then don’t check your email for extended periods of time, then what are we supposed to do?

Do you want any help with that? If so, can you please be a bit more specific about what you’re actually doing and what the issue is?


why you not create another domain ?

or buy new your own domain from

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yaaah, for free !

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i know, Lol

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