Various website IPs down, no FTP/File Manager access

Various website IPs down, no FTP/File Manager access

Since around 6:15 UTC this morning (Oct. 19), a large number of website IPs appear to be down. File access is also not available.

Which components are affected by this issue

Around 40% of all websites appear to be affected. The list of IPs is too long to be practical to list here.

What issues may you see

Websites on these servers are down. The issue you may see vary, but at this time, the websites appear to show Connection Timed Out errors of varying kinds.

File access on these servers also appears to be down. This will manifest itself as various issues, such as:

  • FTP access not working, you may see the error “421 Home directory not available”.
  • File manager not working.
  • Softaculous, and various other control panel features that involve modifying files not working.

When will this issue be resolved

We are doing our best to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to tell how soon that will be.

What can you do to fix this

At this time, there are no known workarounds.

We are aware of the issue and are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

I completely understand that this may cause confusion and you will have additional questions. I am happy to provide any information I have to help you.

However, to keep the contents of this topic clean, clear and concise, I ask that you carefully read the Outage Communication Rules before posting.

In a nutshell:

  • Please keep the posts about the outage in this topic, and all posts not about this outage outside of this topic.
  • Please post relevant questions only that have not been answered yet. It may be compelling to ask obvious questions like “when will this be fixed”, but basic information like that will be put in this message as soon as we know it.
  • Please carefully check the known symptoms and affected components.
    • If you are on the affected components, you are almost certainly affected by the outage. If so, please refrain from simply stating you are affected, it does not help get your service back up faster.
    • If you are not on the affected components but do experience all of the symptoms, please say so below so we can check if our list is incomplete.
    • If you do not experience all listed issues and are not on the components that are known to be affected, the issue you are experiencing is most likely not related to this outage. If so, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.
  • If you say you are affected by the outage, please always include your website URL. I can’t check if you are affected by the outage if you don’t say which of your websites is affected.

Posts that do not follow these rules may be deleted without warning. This is to help ensure that all the relevant information is easily available to everyone reading this topic.


My cpanel does not work :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not? What do you see?


Loading the things

The control panel of your account is working fine from here, so I don’t see what see.

Please actually describe the issue. Some vague statement about “not working” and “loading things” doesn’t mean anything to you.

Please note that this is an outage topic, we try to keep these clean. Any posts that doesn’t actually help to provide relevant information about this outage will be deleted.


Reminder: this is an outage topic. Please follow the outage communication rules.

Only post something if you have something to contribute to the topic. We know many sites are down. We don’t need dozens or hundreds of people to posts messages that have some variation of “same here” or “me too” without even as much as a website URL to verify.

We know that there is an outage. I created an outage topic because there is an outage.

Please help keep this topic clean. Posts in violation will be flagged and deleted without warning.


In first place, thank you. Thank you for your current efforts. It’s not a nice situation for anybody to solve. I understand what means that free in inifinityfree so, even having my site down, take your time. And thank you for offering us the chance to have our sites for free. Thank you. And please, for any user, be patient…


Thanks for updates,

just to make sure! are the sites affected will be removed or it will remove the files after the issue is resolved?

hi, is there an expected return date for the manager?

I tried creating a new account for checking if it’s me or server’s issue and then it shows creating your account refresh after few minutes it showing that only from hours and wanted to ask one quick question that are you guys related with profreehost ? Because they are also having the same issue as you i don’t understand what happened suddenly

When uploading with filezilla, I get the warning “421 6900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry”. I wanted to share it in case it might be useful to you.

My website is affected. The FTP will not let me log in VIA the credentials. My website IPV4 is and the domain name is

Hello, thank you for the follow-up and strong support of the InfinityFree team :slightly_smiling_face:
There is a problem with changing files and uploading files in online FTP
Does using FTP software to upload files replace this online FTP and solve the problem?

Also, I thought you might want to know, the actual website works but the FTP is unreachable.

No, using an external ftp client will not solve the problem. Please wait for the problem to be resolved by Infinityfree. You don’t need to express your problems over and over again. I’m sure they’re already trying to fix the problems. Please follow what the authorities say and do not fill this forum with anything other than useful information.


Mine is back up. Thanks admin!

i second the 421 error ‘6900 users (the maximum) are already logged in’ using filezilla. IP

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