Various website IPs down, no FTP/File Manager access

The problem has been fixed, thanks to the InfinityFree team :pray:

I’ve been told the problem is caused by an issue with one of the storage nodes that appears to be malfunctioning. To fix this issue, data is being migrated to different servers. There is no ETA on when this will be done, but it may take a while (from a few hours to a few days, depending on how it goes).

There is no evidence that any data was or will be lost because of this.

Please be patient until this issue is resolved. Your account files will be returned to you and your website will be brought back up. Please avoid doing any unnecessary backups or migrations, as this will only generate more load on the storage servers and slow down the actual solution.


Both of your accounts are not on the servers that were affected by this issue as far as I can tell.

The website IPs that were down are still down.


Good Day,
if things may take a few hours to a few days, I wonder what the disaster recovery strategy is, if there even is one.

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site: (removed by system request)
that is my site and ive experienced 432 and time out errors

Hopefully it gets fixed soon Cpanel works for me but the file manager gives a weird error says too many attempts (at first try btw)

idk if anyone else had this issue
also if anyone tells me how to make my web redirect ill be happy xdd

(edit) its fixed i guess thanks and good work!

Thanks for the update! I was trying to work on my website yesterday and softaculous didn’t work and my website cannot connect. Following feed to find resolution.

Its fixed guys
Thnaks for ur efforts @Admin

but mine fixed the web is working + ftp works as well

A delayed update regarding the issue.

Starting October 19 around 17:00 UTC, most website IPs came back online again, and by 21:30 all website IPs are up.

I checked a few websites I know that were affected by this and they all seem to be completely up and running again, so I think that means the issue was resolved yesterday evening!

If there are still people experiencing problems related to this outage, please reply below. Please describe what you are seeing and clearly state your website URL (or at least your hosting account username) so we can check it.


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To add to this, please only respond if you see any of the issues listed in the initial topic. If your issue is anything else (such as PHP errors, WordPress errors, other error codes), your issue is probably not related to this outage, so please create a separate topic for it to discuss it.


Hello admin i have created yesterday new account if0_3525**** but old are working fine but in new account file manager is not opening

There appears to be some issues where a part of the accounts that were created last week don’t appear to have a home directory. It could be a side effect of this outage.

I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate this issue.


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Would it be possible for me to ask for an update on this please??

We are thinking of getting somebody in to look at our sites later on in the week, it would be pointless for them to come if FTP is still not working…



FTP access has been restored; the issue mentioned above is that some accounts’ home directory does not appear (they seem to have no folders).

Are you facing this issue?


Jolly good, that was what we would need to use, if we face any of the other issues I will mention them here but hopefully all is good on the day…


The missing home directory issue was fixed on the 21st of October already. The missing home directories have been recreated and with that the issue was resolved.

There was an issue on the 19th of October. It started in the early morning, and was fixed in the early evening. FTP has been working for almost a week now.