Uploading a PHP file

I am looking at buying some software and it is a php file i have to host. I was looking at using this for it just i spoke to the developer and he says he tried to upload it and his account was banned when he tried because it went over the 10mb limit and the file is 13mb.

Is it possible to zip the file and then extract it so i can use it?

I just need the file hosted so i can access it as it will be embeded in chunks on another domain

Hi, welcome to the forum. The file size limit is 10MB per file. You can have up to 5GB of files. But each one can be no larger than 10MB. Anything over 10MB will be automatically deleted. Maybe try hosting it on Google Drive or Mega.nz and share the file so you can download it via a link on your site?


PHP file has a 1 MB limit


Good to know. Thanks.


For more information, you may wish to read:

If it isn’t a single PHP file that is 13mb (seems quite strange) but rather an archive, take note of this:


So it is an installer it contains all the files i just need to upload and run the script and it will install all the necessary files. If i do this by ftp due to size it should work?

As long as no single file exceeds the size limit you should be okay.
Another method you could try is performing the installation on a local environment (your computer) and after it’s finished, upload the resulting files to this hosting.

If I may ask, what exactly are you trying to install?


im trying to install a website. its a bunch of SEO tools I want to offer for free on my website. I just host it on this and then embed them onto my current site as my current provider doesn’t support PHP (Wix) so I’m looking at a workaround.

this is the tool
SEO Studio - Professional Tools for SEO by baileyherbert | CodeCanyon

sorry im not the greatest with this stuff. so I don’t mean to sound stupid I’m just going off what is on this website.

I see. I had a look at the developer’s documentation and found this:

The bundle can be unpacked (expanded) with my command line tool here: GitHub - baileyherbert/packr: 📦 Command line tool to bundle a PHP project into a single file.

For example, you can run the packr expand install.php installer command in the same working directory to extract all of its files into the installer folder.

Can you try doing that and uploading the files inside the newly created installer folder to your website, then try visiting it to start the installation?

If there are still files that exceed the file size limit, then I’m afraid you may be out of luck. You might wish to contact the developer; since they were willing to try and install the software for you, explain to them that the file size limit cannot be overriden, and ask if the software can still be installed (and how to do so).


Offering paid tools for free???
You may be violating TOS


It seems to be a script, so as long as they’ve paid for it, it shouldn’t be an issue.
I’d guess they have a license because the author wouldn’t offer support for pirated versions:

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You cannot do it due to the security system.


Ah yes, this is unfortunately another issue:

Unless by “embed” you mean you plan to link your visitors to this site, embeds won’t work with the system.


It is good for only single user licence, not sharing with thousands of people.
This is where I would draw the line. For personal use where you own it, ok
Sharing with other, uh uh… no way


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