This page isn’t working

Website URL:

( if0_35149064 (Website for

Error Message: redirected you too many times.


wp-admin isn’t working at all

Seeing how you’re using both Cloudflare and WordPress, please note that WordPress doesn’t work with Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL out of the box.

The best way to fix this is to setup Full SSL on your account:


Did like you said marked on Full SSL but this happened now how to fixed it?

Please go through the guide again and double check that you’ve setup everything as described in the article.

Please make sure your website is configured with “Full” SSL mode in Cloudflare, not “Full (strict)”.


Did as you said admin.

You have installed an SSL certificate here as instructed by the article, right?


yes right @ChrisPAR
@Admin still error

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Right now, it seems like the DNS records for your domain have been removed completely. Please make sure the necessary A/CNAME records exist to direct your domain to our hosting.


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