The database is constantly falling

Username epiz_32567600

Hello, my forum is connected to mysql, it crashes every 5 minutes… I thought maybe the problem was in the forum, I put the lightest engine for the forum, still gives an error. Starts loading slowly, then gives an error (screen) the database also disappears, it just disappears, then it appears back and the forum starts working normally, and so on in a circle.

Wait, where is the database disappearing from, the control panel / PHPMyAdmin?


From the control panel “vistapanel” cpanel epizy, where the Database is created

Can you please share a URL where we might see this error?


Without problems.

An error occurs every 5-15 minutes.

Your site seems to be working fine from here.

But it’s interesting because your account is on the same database server as the account from this topic, which strongly suggests there is an issue with the database server itself.

I’ve asked iFastNet to take a look at this.


Thanks for watching. As soon as there is any news, please notify me.

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I just wrote a reply in the other topic with more information:


Thank you for your help and information! :slightly_smiling_face:

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