Slow server

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The system is slow with the database,

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What part of it is slow?
Accessing it with PHP?
Using PHP MyAdmin?

If the latter, is it taking a long time to query, or just a long time to load?


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Accessing it with PHP !!!.

It shows slowness, and later, error. But when refreshing the page, it works again.

Erro or acessing it with phpmyadmin

Could you please answer all questions that were previously asked by Greenreader9?


So… do you have any details? Evidence? Anything to reproduce? Benchmarks? Reports? Error messages? Anything at all?

You say “the system is slow with the database”. What’s “the system” in this context, how slow is it, and what do you see that makes you suspect it’s the database?


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This error is also a direct connection error between the system and the database.

Wait, how do you know that? A 502 error could mean many things, how do you know that is the issue?


Because it’s just giving this error on this system that this server, so I know. Because others who developed the system on other servers, are working normally. Therefore

So how do you know it’s the database?

This is a different server environment, so it could be how your code is interacting with the servers.

Can you please share your URL?


Another error that happens when you can’t find the database, I have to keep pressing f5 , constantly until I come back. THAT’S WHY I KNOW

That’s why I know it’s a problem on your server, because the database is disappearing all the time.

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Can you please share your domain name?

Also, try turning on PHP errors in teh control panel, that way you can get a real error message, and not a generic one.

Just because the database is not showing in the control panel, does not mean that it is not viewable by the server. The control panel does mess up sometimes (There was an entire issue about it a few months ago).


I just checked your website, and I see a database authentication error now. But I also had to push the account password to the hosting platform to check the database. So you may need to update your database configuration.

Please remember: the password of your hosting account can be seen (and changed) through the client area at any time. Do not reset the password through the control panel directly, many features will stop working until the client area password is synchronized, which may happen at any time without notification. So to prevent your website from being unable to connect to the database all of a sudden: never change the password through the control panel.



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Again the database disappears from the server, as in the image above

This problem is recurring this month, the database disappears from your server and then reappears…

Excellent, caught the issue red handed!

The error I see on your website is:

Packets out of order. Expected 0 received 1. Packet size=23

This error is generated by the mysqli_real_connect function through all the CodeIgniter wrapping code.

It’s very strange because I’ve never seen this error before. When this error happened, I was also able to connect through phpMyAdmin without any problems, which suggests the database itself working.

I’m trying to figure out what can cause this error but I can’t find any clear answers. So I’m a bit at a loss as to what could be causing this.


The error only happens when the database does not appear on your server, it looks like this, like this in the image, just connect now

That’s why on my site I can’t find the database