SSL Issue

Hello, I’m having the same issue.

It wasn’t clear to me if it’s OK to leave the page or not so I left my PC on overnight and it was still like this in the morning.

I see this was an issue a few months ago, but that issue was supposedly resolved.

I should probably turn off my computer at some point.

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What is the domain?


It’s a parked domain for IF site. Not sure if that’s an issue, but the page didn’t say so.

Strange, you have many SSL certs created for the same domain


That goes back to before I started using InfinityFree (around March 16/17). Before IF, I was using the domain name for a tumblr page. Tumblr takes care of the SSL stuff automatically- maybe they renew SSL certificates every day or two…?

I removed the domain name from my tumblr page to use it on IF and was immediately unable to access it through an https url.

EDIT: What is that screenshot of yours? On my dashboard I only have this:

Can you create SSL cert using another provider?


I just clicked the Request Certificate button for your certificate and it completed successfully within a minute, as it should.

I don’t know why it didn’t work for you. I don’t see any records that your SSL order has actually been attempted.

Please note that there is no need to stay on that page or keep your computer on. The page will refresh automatically so you can see the status, but the order will be processed regardless of whether you are on the page or not.


Thank you! The automatic installation worked after about 5 minutes and the https version of my site is up and running.

EDIT: and as for why it happened- the only thing that comes to mind is that, when using the WiFi at the place where I’m currently staying, I occasionally get ‘your network has been blocked due to reports of malicious abuse’ page with a robot captcha test, after which I’m able to visit pages normally. But even if this were related, it’s odd that the Certificate Request would display as Pending on my IF dashboard.

If you click the Request Certificate button and the progress bar starts, it means the request was submitted and it should just get processed in the background. We do refresh the page to keep you informed about the current status of your request, but the client area should process your request completely autonomously.

I don’t know what happened here. It almost seems as if the order was submitted but not actually picked up by the background process that does the work. But that’s not supposed to be possible.


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