SSL creation problem probably due to DNS

I am trying to setup SSL certificate for web, which I manage.
Almost week ago, there were problem with stuck Advertisement Bodis page, I followed this When will my domain name start working, but it did not help, it took more than 72h.
So next, I followed this Even after 3 days epizy DNS is sending to Bodis ads and It helped, adv. vanished and the page with ‘www’ and without it strated to work.
But current problem is, that I am not able to create Let’s encrypted certificate for it, there is still bodis:

My suspicious is, that there is too much DNS record:

Because my personal web is fine and it has only these:

Thank you in advance.

Di you do this?

Yes, several times. It worked on the second mentioned page, but on this one with creepy DNS records not.

Strange…you may have to wait for admin

You can also choose this option:

You own the domain so you can use Cloudflare - which gives you a lot of advantages,
and one of them is that you have a certificate that you don’t have to manually renew every three months, it’s automated.


Thank you for your suggestion, but I would like to stay in default way without any addition middlewares or workarounds.

It looks like something went wrong while setting up your CNAME records, because they weren’t active on your domain. I’ve removed the record and added it again, which seems to have added them successfully. Please note that it can take up to an hour or so for the check in the client area to go green as well.

Please note that the DNS Records screenshots at your domain provider are irrelevant. Because your domain is using our nameservers, the DNS records set at your domain provider have no effect on your domain. Those records are only published on your domain provider’s nameservers, which you are not using.


Thank you very much for your help and explanation, now everything works fine.
Best regards.

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