Even after 3 days epizy DNS is sending to Bodis ads

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CNAME 11776.BODIS.com
Reported by ns1epizycom on 10/27/2022 at 9:57:10 AM (UTC -5)

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Even after 3 days epizy DNS is sending to Bodis ads
The domain is with GoDaddy and Godaddy and has ns*.epizy.com DNS there, epinzy DNS is sending my traffic to Bodis ads even after 3 days.
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It looks like there was a system error when you connected the domain to your account.

Please open the control panel, and remove the domain (It will probably be found in the “Addon Domains” section), then add the domain back to your account (via the “Addon Domains” section).

Note that the system will create a new root folder when you do this, so you will have to move your sites files to greattechsystems.com/htdocs


Thanks for your reply Greenreader9, I performed the actions you specified.
It seems epinzy DNS is still reporting BODIS, should I wait for propagation delay again?

Now that 72 hours starts over again, I’ll test your site in a few minutes when I get back on my computer.


It works now!


Thanks, @Greenreader9 it is fixed.


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