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I have a question about the SSL installation. Can you install other intermediate SSL CAs. Like for example a CA bundle, because SSL shopper says that my SSL certificate isn’t trusted by all web browsers because of the fact that there isn’t any intermediate SSL CAs.

If you use Cloudflare, just set it to “Full” and make sure you also have an SSL certificate on your site in the control panel.

-------Set-up Cloudflare SSL-------
Setting up Cloudflare DNS is quite easy!

  1. Go to the SSL/TLS section on
  2. Click on the “Flexible” Setting (If you want to use the “Full” setting (which is more secure), you need to install an SSL certificate first - Video - KB article )
  3. That’s it! (If you go to “” it will no longer show the unsecured message!)

OPTIONAL: If someone goes to , they will not get the lock icon (They will get the unsecured message). So, you want to have everyone that goes to the unsecured version, automatically get redirected to the secure version! It’s easy to set up too!

Using Cloudflare (The easy way)

In the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates tab, the setting “Always Use HTTPS” is set to On

Now, if someone goes to , they will be automatically redirected to! It’s totally secure now!

Full article: A Full Guide To Cloudflare

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Sorry you didn’t get what I mean. In my browser it does redirect to https and it says secure. But in ssl shopper it says that because there isn’t an intermediate CA bundle it may not be trusted in a lot of browsers. I am using GoGetSSL so the root is Sectigo (which is trusted) however I didn’t place Sectigo’s root SSL so it isn’t technically trusted by SSL shopper. I am wondering can I upload my CA Bundle into vPanel.

Oh, no. That’s not supported.

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Thank you SOOOOO much. 5 star support. Faster than a lot of paid hosting support.


Thanks! Glad I could help.

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