Slow website is very slow for me, can support please look into the problem?



I can only recommend that you try this

But in the last three days, I have noticed several WP sites that first throw out a DB error (with the text that they cannot connect to the DB server) and then after one or more refreshes, everything is normal.

So I have the impression that there is a certain SQL server that is overloaded
and it does the work more slowly, which is then reflected also in the display of the initial WP page


Since you stated in your CV that you are very good at HTML
it would be best if you create the HTML pages yourself
that would also prove your abilities instead of your portfolio is displayed on the WordPress platform,
you would have more to gain by that act, e.g. speed static (HTML = fast) vs dynamic(PHP), security, etc.

Besides, fix some of the mixed content you have everywhere like


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