Redirecting to “Turn Cookies on or off” - Google Support

I have investigated the issue.

There seems to be some kind of issue between our free hosting servers and Cloudflare. Websites that do not use Cloudflare are protected with a browser validation system. Websites that do use Cloudflare are exempt from this, because Cloudflare provides sufficient protection.

But it appears that something changed and now the browser validation challenge is also presented on sites that use Cloudflare. And for some reason, the cookie that’s generated in the browser is not received properly by the server.

The issue appears to manifest themselves in one of two scenarios:

  • The website page just redirects a few times and then goes to the Google cookie page.
  • The web page itself loads, but all linked assets (CSS, Javascript, images, etc.) don’t load because those URLs load the browser validation challenge instead.

My best guess at this time is that the deciding factor between these two is that sites with Flexible SSL see scenario #1 and and sites with Full SSL see scenario #2. But it doesn’t really matter, the site is pretty much broken either way.

As a workaround, you could try disabling the Cloudflare proxy on your site. Please note that this may result in SSL errors, so you may need to install a new, trusted SSL certificate on your site for it to work.

In any case, I’ve forwarded these findings to iFastNet too, so now we just need to wait for them to fix this.