Redirecting to “Turn Cookies on or off” - Google Support

Redirect to google cookie management

This started today.

Browser allowing every cookie.

It redirects no matter what content i try to reach, even an image (

Other Information

There has been no change in any code since months and yesterday when it was working fine. Anyone know if this is temporary?



Username epiz_23386166 have redirecting to Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help the same.

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Same here! First I thought it was due to a local browser setting (black listing or similar) but I tried it out on maaaaaany different browsers and laptops. Always counter goes up from ?id=1 to 2 to 3 and then the redirect to the Google Support page happens. Only on my mobile Android phone this issue seems not to exist with the native browser.

My site is on a subdomain of .

Any ideas / help? Thanks a lot!

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(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Page redirects to

No matter which page I go on my website,it redirects me to this url

First time this happening and it happens in Chrome in also Opera

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(other information and details relevant to your question)

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Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

(When I type my web address into a browser it redirects me to a google page )

Other Information

(other information and details relevant to your question)

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When I browse my website “” I am forwarding to “Turn cookies on or off” page of google(Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help). please do it resolve.



It’s now coming up with a cookies page instead of my site opening all of a sudden on duckduckgo or on brave browser even with the adblock option off on both browsers one is a mac os browser (brave) the other and Android phone browser (duckduckgo)

The site is now unreachable?

I have turned off all protection in duckduckgo and it still does it, it works on mac os safari browser but not on chrome based browsers now? this clear because it’s brave that doesn’t work on the mac and it’s duckduckgo on an android device not opening on the phone it even does the same in chrome official browser on android as well now?

My website URL is “

When I open my website a new links opens which is “Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help

Please Help

Username epiz_23386166 have redirecting to Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help the same.

same here… i request team infinityfree to solve our problems by replying to this post…


Agreed no doubt they will reply very soon. or resolve it I am wondering is it a mistake has been made during maintenance maybe even a failed hardware system or component like a hdd containing something crucial for directing to sites or is it Google trying to fully block any and all http:// domain names now with a cookie window redirect?


We can confirm that this is an issue. Most likely, something has gone wrong with an update.

We are aware of the issue, and working with our partners to fix it.

In the sprint of keeping our forum clean, please refrain from adding replies, or new topics, unless something changes.

We may delete or flag posts that are repeating this issue.

Thank you for your understanding!

Please DO NOT add a reply saying “Me Too” OR “Please fix this”. We are aware of the issue, and such posts will be flagged and removed.


I think it started working normally for some websites


Thanks for responding, I am Ethan. I want to ask is this a new issue? Or is it old? If it is new then when did it started? And one more thing, when will it be fixed?

Hello Ethan!

The issue started about 3 hours ago, and is currently about 50% resolved. We do not have a final ETA.


Now it works! Many thanks for the fast response! :pray:


Thanks you again.


I need to ask something
If we search this link is sometimes shows google sign is this temporary?
Thanks for helping

Normally, if your browser does not accept cookies, then you’ll be redirected to that page. Yesterday, there was an issue for a few hours where seemingly everyone would be redirected to that page.

If you visit a site for the first time with ?i=3 in the URL, you’ll also be redirected to the cookie page.

In any case, the issue from yesterday was solved. If you’re still having trouble accessing your website, please create a new topic and describe the issue there.