Read-only file system on hosting volumes vol1_5 and vol1_6

For the last two days, the file system on hosting volumes vol1_5 and vol1_6 is currently stuck in read-only mode. This means that it’s not possible to make any changes to the files of the account.

Most websites will still be largely accessible in this state. However, some website functionality like uploading files or using file caches are not possible during this stage.

How do I know my account is affected?

You can see your Hosting Volume through your control panel.

  1. Login to the client area at and click your account in the Accounts list.
  2. Click the Control Panel button.
  3. Check the Account Details panel in the sidebar on the right.
  4. Check the Hosting Volume row in that table.

Currently, the only affected volumes are vol1_5 and vol1_6. If the Hosting Volume field says anything other than “vol1_6”, it means something else is going on.

What caused this issue?

Two days ago, there was a server crashing causing some system data to be corrupted. The disks are currently being checked for errors so they can be repaired. However, for this check to work properly, it’s not possible to make changes to the files on the disks while the checks are being executed.

When will this be resolved?

The disk check is still running and should be nearly complete. As soon as the check has finished, it will automatically re-enable writes on the disk, so you can make changes to your website again.

I don’t know how soon this will happen exactly, but I suspect it will be resolved later today.

EDIT 2019-06-09: It appears that the reparations of these volumes are taking longer than expected. These checks appear to be running normally, but it may take more time for the checks to complete.

EDIT 2019-06-12: It looks like the checks have finally been completed. The few accounts I checked all seem to support writes again. So I think the issue is resolved for now.

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Yes it’s true something else is going on:


~Thankyou for your quick assistance. :pray:t4:

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@RahulBagh If your words are not irony
than please open a new topic, choose a hosting category and describe what exactly problem you have.
thank you

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My vol is vol9_2 but ftp don’t work and i can’t see website???

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same. i have vol9_2 and the site won’t work. since its a forum it needs to write over files to work

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Im on vol8_6 and non of my site will work just get a 404 error

My vol is vol9_2 and I’m also getting 404 errors. Thanks for any updates you can share with us.

To repeat my initial post:

If the Hosting Volume field says anything other than “vol1_6”, it means something else is going on.

And by “something else going on”, I meant that the issue described in this topic is not the issue affecting you. So please open a new topic in the Hosting Support category (and fill in the topic template please) so we can check what is the issue with your website.

I need more information than “this is not the issue which is affecting me, but my website is broken anyways” in order to help you.

But to update this topic, it appears that the file system is still not working.


I am very curious. Is this only affecting InfinityFree or is this affecting the entire iFastNet network.
Additionally, if I buy premium, will this problem change?

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i am also on vol1_5 and im neither able to login via filezella nor able to upload any file using control panel file upload utility

This problem only affects the free hosting volumes vol1_5 and vol1_6. These volumes are used by all providers on iFastNet’s free hosting network, but only affect a small portion of all free hosting sites.

iFastNet’s premium servers are on different systems, so they are not affected by this issue.

Have the checks been completed? Also, since it affects the entire network, is iFastNet running the checks or are you? (By you I mean Admin)

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I have contacted iFastNet and they say this problem will be fixed in a few days for “regular maintenance of storage servers”

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Why’s this been unpinned? I still have the issue.


iFastNet is running these checks. iFastNet maintains the servers and the software, so I don’t have the power (or responsibility) to maintain or fix any storage issues.

This topic was set to only be pinned until today, because it was assumed the issue would be resolved by now. I’ve pinned it again.

I’m also going through the same issue and I’m on volume 1_5 as stated. Please let me know how soon this would be resolved.

My website is currently down.

We don’t know when will this issue be resolved, but all of that should be asked to iFastNet.

Nobody knows exactly when this issue will be resolved. It will be resolved when the file system reparations are complete. Which have been taking a lot longer than anyone expected, so I’m not sure how much any estimations would do.

That said, if you’re in a hurry (or just pessimistic), you can still try to move your website to another account. After all, while editing files in your account is not possible, you should still be able to download your files and databases and migrate your website to a new account.