Problems with my domain

My website is
I want to use a custom domain ( so i added a cname record on cloudflare, but when i use this domain, it redirects me to

Try using this option in the vPanel and remove the CloudFlare CNAME record.

Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 12.34.13 AM

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i tried A record but it still redirects me to

and it needs me to change the nameservers but i need cloudflare

Try using the Parked Domains option in the vPanel.

This is what I see

You need to do this first

Then add domain to hosting account. Once domain is added to hosting account, you can then switch nameservers back to CloudFlare


I need to use cloudflare i cant change the nameservers.

Then you cannot use free hosting here

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but i can add dns records on cloudflare. I followed this tutorial: A Full Guide To Cloudflare

Did you read?



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